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Silent Generation

49% of over 65s who state TV or pets as main form of company

1925-1945 – Birth Years of the Silent Generation

49% of over 75s living alone in the UK

56% of over 75s who do not use the internet

1 million – no. of older people who often or always feel lonely

100 – Hours of recorded Interviews

81 – Average age of interviewees

*Stats: ONS Report 2018, Age UK Report 2015

3 – Big Questions:

Who are the Silent Generation?

Where did they get the title?

Whose listening now?

Silent Generation emerges from interviews with British Elders born 1925-45; an era when children should be seen-and-not-heard, and when it often felt dangerous to speak out politically. Now in their 70s-90s, are the Silent Generation heard today?

The play was born out of research into Britain's older generation following a public rift between the oldest and youngest voters in the UK at the outcome of the 2016 EU Referendum. Alarmed by inflammatory headlines advising that ‘older people shouldn’t be allowed to vote’ and seemed to ‘have stolen our futures’, StrikeUp sought to create a project to challenge perceptions and inspire some cross-generational debate.

In partnership with Age UK Berkshire and the Museum of Reading where audio recordings will be donated later this year to the Oral Histoy Archive, StrikeUp first presented Silent Generation to a cross-generational audience at South Street Arts Centre in April 2019. Following a fantastic post-show debate and outpouring of powerful personal feedback, the show is currently in development for touring.